Karincha – a love story.

Chapter I

In a dutch Supermarket:

Their eyes met. She blushed and her cheeks turned bright pink like roses. He came closer. He could sense her perfume. It was like cotton candy mixed with the sweetness of freshly picked strawberries.

– Hi – he finally found the words.
– Hello – she replied and her lips were like marshmallows heart shaped.

He noticed that she dropped a small item. He came closer and picked it up. It was one of his favorite candies. When he touched her hand, he realized that he didn’t want to let her go. Ever!

– What is your favorite candy? – he asked.

– the unique ones that we can’t find everywhere . Why do you ask? – she was genuinely surprised by the question.

– They are my weakness as well – he laughed.

Something about his smile made her realize he was the one for her. Since then they always dreamed of opening a candy store together made with and for love. They believed that sweets were the best way to happiness .


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